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Key Personnel

Mohamed Ridza B Hashim (Mr).jpgAngeline Nadia Lim (Mdm).jpgChow Jee Soon (Mdm).jpg
 Mr Mohamed Ridza B Hashim
 Mdm Angeline Nadia Lim
Mdm Chow Jee Soon
 Year Head (Lower Primary)
(Covering HOD-EL)
Subject Head (Mathematics)  Head of Department (Mother Tongue Languages) 
Koh Chee Hong (Jimmy) (Mr).jpgLee Lin Ping (Mr).jpgReduan B Ibrahim (Mr).jpg
 Mr Koh Chee Hong (Jimmy)Mr Lee Lin Ping Mr Reduan B Ibrahim
  Subject Head (Information & Communications Technology)  Head of Departmenmt
(Character & Citizenship Education) 
 Head of Department
(Student Management) 
Peh Joe Han Camillus (Mr).jpgCheng Chin Ying (Jamie) (Miss).jpg
 Mr Peh Joe Han Camillus 
Miss Cheng Chin Ying (Jamie) 
Head of Department
(Physical Education)
 School Staff Developer  
Low Siew Teng (Miss).jpgRajanthran s-o Jayaraman (Mr).jpgSiew Lai Lone (Gary) (Mr).jpg
Miss Low Siew Teng Mr Rajathran s/o Jayaraman Mr Siew Lai Lone (Gary)  
Administration Manager  Operations Manager Operations Manager