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Primary 1 (2019) Orientation Day


Date: 16 November 2018, Friday

Time: 2.30pm to 4.30pm (Registration starts at 2pm)

Venue: School Hall, Level 3

Parents and students (Primary 1 / 2019) are strongly encouraged to attend P1 Orientation Day. Please refer to the following links for the invitation letter and booklist:


http://ferngreenpri-moe-edu-sg-admin.cwp.sg/qql/slot/u775/Primary 1 Orientation Day_16 Nov 2018.pdf

http://ferngreenpri-moe-edu-sg-admin.cwp.sg/qql/slot/u775/Primary 1 Booklist for Year 2019.pdf



MOE Kindergarten in Fern Green in 2019

MK@Fernvale Link will be moving to Fern Green Primary School in 2019.

MOE Kindergarten

Read about it HERE.

“What is your child learning in Social Studies?”

Social Studies equips our children with key 21st century knowledge, values and skills to take on the challenges of working and living harmoniously with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds in Singapore, our region and beyond.

Click HERE to find out more!