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Homework Policy

There are 3 broad Categories of Homework that Teachers may assign to students. These are:

  • Practice Exercises which aim to help students to reinforce, recall and practise newly acquired skills or concepts 
  • Preparatory Homework which requires students to source for and read background information to prepare them for future lessons on a specific topic or subject. 
  • Extension Homework which encourages students to pursue knowledge individually and imaginatively. It may include writing a book review, painting a picture, doing a research, or retrieving information from the internet

When assigning homework, Teachers in Fern Green Primary School (FGPS) adhere to the following principles:

  • Homework that is assigned must be regular (not necessarily daily)
  • Homework that is set should be appropriate for the students’ age and ability
  • Homework set should be challenging and purposeful, but not so demanding that it has adverse effects on the students’ motivation
  • Homework assignment needs to take into account students’ other commitments such as involvement in CCA and afternoon classes

Homework Load
(note: the indicated time for homework completion is with reference to an average worker)


Mondays to Fridays

Saturdays and Sundays

Primary 1 and 2 students

No longer than 1h per day

No longer than 1h in total

Primary 3 and 4 students

No longer than 1h 30 min per day

No longer than 1h 30 min in total

Please note that time for learning of Spelling and Dictation has not been factored into the timing as students are provided with spelling lists for early preparation.

To protect family time, minimal homework will be set for completion during School and Public Holidays during term time.