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School Bus Services

BT&TAN Transport Pte Ltd

Tel No.: 6483 4527 / 6483 7260 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)
Fax Number: 6483 7261
Whatsapp: 9856 9222
Email address: schl@btntan.com 

Parents who require bus service for your child may obtain a Bus Registration Form from the school General Office. 

Please submit the duly completed form to the Bus Service Provider, BT&TAN Transport Pte Ltd directly at schl@btntan.com (wef 13/11/2019), or by fax (facsimile nos. 6483 7261). 

 Request for School Bus Service in 2020

For any queries, you may wish to contact the Service Provider, BT&Tan Transport Pte Ltd at Tel No. 6483 4527 / 6483 7260.