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English Language (EL)


Confident and Effective Communicators of the English Language

The English Department has a vision to develop our students to be Communicative and Confident Learners. We want our students to have a strong foundation and be proficient in the English Language so that they can communicate confidently and effectively in Standard English for different purposes, audiences and contexts. Activities and programmes are structured to provide students with the confidence, purpose and enjoyment in a wide range of contexts and to convey and discover information.

Programme Structure

At Fern Green Primary School, the Whole School Approach would be used to promote the love of learning and use of Standard English. We also believe that students should cultivate good reading habits. Our students will be able to communicate confidently and effectively as a result of their development in the following areas of language learning:

  •         Listening
  •         Reading
  •         Speaking
  •         Writing
  •         Language Use (Grammar & Vocabulary)

Our Focus

P1 Learn to Read

  • Building a strong foundation in listening, reading, speaking, writing & language use skills

  • Emphasising on oral communication (listening, speaking skills)

  • Developing learning-to-read strategies (e.g. phonemic awareness)

  • Nurturing a love for and enjoyment of the English Language