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Mother Tongue Languages (MTL)


Mother Tongue is a living language. It is used and valued in our society. To help learners to be active learners and proficient users of the Mother Tongue languages, Fern Green Primary School MTL department aims to support learners from diverse backgrounds learn the language by focusing on ways to engage the learners, other than focusing how to teach. We strive to develop critical, creative and culturally savvy students of the 21st Century.

  • Nurturing learners to be culturally rooted individuals. 
  • Equipping learners with the skills to apply their MTL in real life settings and to use it for communication.
  • Developing learners to be Confident Persons, Self-directed Learners, Concerned Citizens and Active Contributors.

Key MTL Approaches
  • Language learning takes place in naturalistic settings, hence more focus is placed on the communicative aspect. To learn the language in the initial stages, the learner will learn comprehensible input (e.g. through the use of words and phrases that the learner can understand readily from their familiar context) and have opportunities to use the language meaningfully in natural interactions.
  • Students from diverse background have different needs. To cater to such needs, Differentiate Instructions will be applied to ensure pupils achieve the learning outcomes.
  • To arouse the curiosity of students, inquiry-based learning will be the key approach to engage students in self-directed learning while they explore the area of interest in the given topics.