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Student Management (SM)

The Student Management Department looks into the overall well-being of the students. In FGPS the Student Management Team provides the support for every student to be developed into an independent and self-disciplined learner.

The Student Management Team provides the first line of support through pastoral care and developing social emotional skills in every student. This support is aimed at developing the student’s resilience in managing their daily lives as they acquire the Social Emotional Competencies of Self-awareness, Self-management, Social-awareness, Relationship management and Responsible decision making.

Discipline is a learning process and is carried out with care. The school adopts the restorative practices in its approach to discipline. Through this process, students understand and sensitize the situation and becomes aware of the impact of his actions and its implications on others.

The Student Management Department also supports students with additional needs. Our approach to this is identify students in need, support them and collaborate with relevant personnel to help these students. It is important to identify these students early and provide them with both the internal and external support structures to ensure that every student with additional needs is supported throughout their years in FGPS.

One of the aims of the Student Management Department is to develop a culture of care through Peer Support and Relationship (PSR). With proper guidance, students will be able to be caring buddies for their peers. Selected students will be develop as Peer Support Leaders who are keen befrienders and will champion PSR among the students.

All these will be done through the Student Development Team consisting of the Head of Department CCE, Head of Department Student Management, Year Heads, Assistant Year Heads and staff trained in counselling and additional needs support.