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Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

FGPS Maker Education

Making is an interesting and brain stimulating way to introduce students to the STEM subjects. It is an iterative process of tinkering and problem solving that draws on a DIY mindset. Making is collaborative and allows for self-expression through the creation of a personally meaningful artefact that is shared with a larger community. Making also stresses on the notion of "failing forward", equipping students with the mental resilience to recover from repeated failures while engaging them in the joy of learning. The FGPS Maker Education ALP aims to trigger Students’ interest in STEM by exposing them to engaging projects that will enable them to use everyday materials and STEM concepts to design and build solutions to address problems. With the Maker Education ALP, we hope to equip our students with 21st century competencies, hone their critical and inventive thinking skills, and foster innovation and develop their ability to identify and solve problems.