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Partnership with Parents

Tony Wagner, author of “Creating Innovators”, asserted that the capacity for an individual’s creativity or innovation is the result of an interrelationship among expertise which refers to the individual’s knowledge, creative thinking skills and motivation. Expertise and Creative Thinking Skills can be taught and nurtured. Motivation, on the other hand, is less straight forward. Yet, motivation is far more important than either expertise or skills, and people are most creative when they feel motivated by the interest, satisfaction and challenge of the work itself, and not by external pressures.

It is here where we hope to work closely with Parents, to foster our children’s motivation to learn, to ask questions and encourage them to pursue what they love, even delving into subjects which are not tested. We hope to work hand in hand with our parents in Education and Career Guidance, so as to guide our children to choose a career that is suited for them. A good starting point is in providing opportunities for our children to explore and discover their interests and talents through school and family activities. The belief is that once we discover the child’s interest in a particular subject, supervision and guidance towards that interest would enable the child to obtain even greater achievements in the said field. For instance, if our children’s interest lies in science or art, School and Home could exchange this information about the child and create opportunities to build this interest further.

The work we are doing would require strong support from our stakeholders. And Parents are our key stakeholders. Hence, our belief in cultivating a respectful, trusting and empowering relationship with Parents to equip our children with not just the knowledge and skills, but also the disposition for creative and critical thinking, as well as the resilience and courage to venture into the unknown.