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“Education is a joint responsibility, a shared adventure. To achieve full results, we need to change mindsets of teachers, students, parents and the community. Close collaboration between school, home and community will be essential”

President Nathan (The Straits Times, Oct 5, 1999)

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Fern Green Primary School aims to develop a strong Parent Support Group (PSG) which will collaborate with the school and support in full commitment in respective areas of need; so as to create a vibrant and nurturing environment that will enhance the holistic school experience of students and the school’s effort in advancing the well-being of our students, teachers, staff and community.

Our school recognizes the importance of a strong school-parent partnership in enhancing the development and learning of our children. 

Our school anticipates our members of Parent Support Group to:

  • Be active, passionate and committed in support 
  • Advocate a mutually respectful relationship between parents and school 
  • Play an active part in recruiting and leading other parents to participate in the meaningful mission  to ensure sustainability of home-school partnership 
  • Act as a channel of communication on issues and concerns 
  • Act as a source of constructive feedback and provide valuable suggestions or ideas for improvement that will benefit the school environment 
  • Create a network of links for the school, parents and the community

Our present areas of needs are:-

  • School events/programmes
  • Learning journeys
  • Supportive duties for the safety of students
  • Resource making/building
  • Library-related, Admin, IT, Estate Management

Parental involvement in school sends a strong signal to students that their parents have deep concern for them and possess keen interest in their school experiences and education. It will motivate students to adopt positive attitudes towards learning and better personal development. Parents will have greater awareness of their children’s school learning environment and will identify better with their children’s school experiences. PSG plays an important role in the school and provides a voice that has an impact on school’s climate, programmes and directions. So come, join in the ‘Kampong Spirit’ in Fern Green Primary School, be a member of PSG in FGPS now! Play an active role in your children’s school experiences and growth.

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